Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day! (A Nothing To Do With Publishing Post)

Valentine's Day is supposed to be all about love (despite what some Hallmark-conspiracy-theorists might tell you). If you've got a special someone - great - have a beautiful, romantic holiday.

If you're single, or if you just don't choose to celebrate Valentine's Day for one reason or another, consider getting that warm fuzzy feeling somewhere else. No, I'm not suggesting a Rom-Com marathon, several bottles of wine, and enough chocolate to keep you bouncing off the walls all weekend. Instead, consider giving what you would be spending on dinner, flowers, candy, etc. to someone who really needs it. Trust me - you'll feel the love.

My suggestion? Go here: Small Can Be Big.

A quote from the website:

"You're stuck in the rain. I hand you an umbrella. You stay dry, and I feel good about helping.

That sense of immediacy is part of what makes giving so rewarding. And it's what makes unique – whether it's $3 or $300, every last penny you give goes directly to address a specific need, rent or utility bill or medical expense, so the impact of your donation is immediate – for you and for the family you're helping."

It works like this. You pick from several categories (like Going it Alone, Giving Grandkids a Chance, Escaping Domestic Violence, or Bootstrapping a Better Life). Then you click through to view specific cases - real individuals with real problems who need help. You see EXACTLY where your money is going. EXACTLY who you're helping to get through what. These days we hear sad stories about people struggling almost every single day. Small Can Be Big lets you do something about it.

That's love

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

(Small Can Be Big is a Boston-based nonprofit.)

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