Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And the Winner(s) Is(are)...

Alright, so ALL of the entries cracked me up, but there can only be one winner. Except when there are two.
Congrats to Brenna Lyons and Patricia Emmert!
Yes, Patricia's entry wasn't exactly a query - more of a synopsis-query hybrid - but I love the way she fleshed out the premise and made it work somehow. And Brenna, well, Brenna is a great writer - you can follow her blog here.
Ladies, shoot me an e-mail letting me know which prize you'd like! (editor at murdockediting dot com).
Excerpts from the winning entries:
"From the minute Erika Evans steps off the five-seater and into the twilight of three p.m. outside of Nome, she knows her current assignment is going to suck. In minutes, her fingers are icicles, and her gold-plated Jimmy Choo boot heels are covered in muck she doesn't even want to consider the origin of. Such is the life of a high-profile environmental lobbyist.

Yeah, life sucked, all right, but not as much as it was about to. When Mr. Right Now turns out to be a creature of the near-perpetual night above the Arctic Circle, Erika gets a crash course in wildlife preservation, namely saving her own sunlight-sensitive hide. "
-Brenna Lyons
"In my current work, "Suck It Up", Head Honcho of "We'll Save Ya'" an environmental cleanup corporation Janelle Deidrikson discovers she has become a blood thirsty vampire as a result of an indiscreet one night stand.

After months of soul searching (and sucking), she discovers that her supposed one-time indiscretion in actuality was set up by a cabal of other 'environmental' executives who have also become vampires. In order to secure her loyalty to their somewhat hypocritical stance on vegetarianism they dispatched their most romantic minion, Constantine Renwick, to seduce and contaminate her."
-Patricia Emmert
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  1. I really, really guffawed at Patricia's entry. Great.