Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Details Make the Character

I love Yogi Tea Simply Green Tea. Not because it tastes any different than regular green tea - it doesn't. And not because I wouldn't rather have a cup of coffee (I would  - the doctor says no).
I love it because the tag on each teabag has a little message. I open the pale green pouch, take out the teabag, wince a little at the smell, and pull the tag and string away. I put the bag in the cup, draping the string over the side, and pour the boiling water in on top. I walk back to my desk, and arrange my stacks of papers and red pens in front in of me.
Only then do I allow myself to read the message. That's my little moment.
Today's message is "Live with reverence for yourself and others."
I'm not telling you this because I honestly believe you care about my tea-drinking routines. I'm telling you because these little detailed habits are what bring characters to life - what makes them real - what inspires them.
What does your main character do when she needs a moment?

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