Friday, September 23, 2011


The new website is LIVE! Let the celebration and games begin!

WEBSITE DAY Prizes: (1) A free full manuscript evaluation valued up to $1,200 (closed to past or current clients) or (2) A brand new Kindle (open to everyone!)

How to enter! (Updated hourly from 3pm to midnight EST)

(5) The fifth way to win! If you could have written any book that's already been published by another author, what book would it be? My latest is Maine, by J. Courtney Sullivan - I swear a member of my family must have written this book - now I just have to figure out who!

Sullivan, J. Courtney

(4) Tell me in the comments, by e-mail, on Facebook, or by Twitter: How many rejection letters have you received from literary agents?

(3) I've buried 3 errors in the website. Find them! For each error you find and report here or to, you get an entry into the Kindle raffle!

(2) Never worked with me before and want to win that free Manuscript Evaluation? Send me your query letter before midnight EST to enter!

(1) Share this post on your Facebook News Feed or Twitter and e-mail me the link!


  1. Hi! I've received only 3 rejection letters so far. They actually made me feel like a real writer, so they didn't get me down. :)

    Thanks for having the contest! I'll also be entering in a couple of other ways.

  2. Okay, I'm not sure if this counts because it's in a client letter, but "pouring" should be "poring" here: I'm thinking it might not because I found quite a few words smushed together in another client letter.

    Here's another: "what to next" I assume should be "what to do next" here:

    And "current design and info is four years old" should be "are four years old" here:

    I would tweet this post but I just set up my Twitter account so there are no followers to see it. :)