Thursday, February 3, 2011

Go Read This - Blog Edition

I know many of you (if not most!) are familiar with the editor/agent/writer blogosphere, but in case you missed them, here are a few to get your brain working this fine morning.

Jessica over at Book Ends is looking for something new...

"Steampunk. Please, please send me steampunk of all sorts. Adult, young adult, romance, mystery. I personally love this genre and can’t get enough of it."

Agent Kristen at Pub Rants provides some very good advice on self-submitting to small publishing houses. 

"So, resist the temptation and if you are submitting directly, make sure you pick the best editor first time around as you really only have the one shot. And of course, good luck."

Janet Reid gives you the inside scoop on winning free registration for the Backspace Writers Conference. 

And finally, if you're in the process of developing your query or synopsis, make sure you're spending plenty of time with your Evil Editor and the Query Shark!

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