Friday, March 20, 2009

Go Read This

Feel like puttering around online instead of writing/working today? Me too. Some recommended reading for your lunch breaks:
Nathan Bransford's latest post on conflict in your novel.
"A man serenely walking down the street is not a story. It only becomes a story when he is captured by space monkeys who try to force him to root for Duke. Now that's conflict."
Now, I don't "get" Twitter (yet?), but some agents do. Head over to the How Publishing Really Works blog to read about Queryfail.
Then head over to Jessica Faust's blog to read her take on the paper verses electronic debate (I'm with her on this one, although I don't have assistants to worry about...)
"For me, I put all electronic queries and submissions in a special folder in my email program. A folder that's very easy to ignore. Submissions are in tall piles directly in my line of sight on the other side of the office. As easy to ignore as I want them to be."
And then, as one should always do, round out your blogosphere jaunt with a trip over to Janet Reid's blog. I'm recommending three posts today: Some Query Letter Fundamentals, Justin's Case, and "my first book was published by AuthorHouse/iUniverse." Read them.
"Today's advice: be ready for someone to ask for your manuscript as soon as you hit 'send'."

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