Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Post! Go Read This Edition

Did you get your taxes done? Has Spring started wherever you are? Are you all caught up on your writing/publishing industry blogs?

If not:

  • - I don't know, TurboTax?
  • - It's actually warm this week in Boston, so there is hope for you too!
  • - And Go Read This! 
If you're working on your query letter, make sure you're at least reading (if not submitting to) Evil Editor (look for the Guess the Plot posts) and Query Shark. If you have a whole day to kill and want to snork coffee while learning how to get a query right, read the Miss Snark archives (good lord I miss that woman). Jessica at BookEnds Agency is also doing Workshop Wednesdays. Pay attention! 

"2. Don’t waste time with the obvious.

“My books are about the relationships between people and how they react to a murder in their midst.” 
Doesn’t that apply to most mysteries? If you’re a New York TimesBestselling author, you could get away with this. Then again, your audience would be just as thrilled if you leaned toward them and asked if your mascara had smeared."  

Kristin at Pub Rants suggests querying while the querying is hot!

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