Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Go Read This! (A Cheater Post)

On the docket today: Writing a query and editing a synopsis for one writer, completing a revision plan for another, completing a first read of a nonfiction manuscript, evaluation/edit of at least 200 pages of a fiction manuscript, two sample evals for potential clients, plus sending out contracts and finalizing my March client schedule.
Moral of the story: Monday holidays are wonderful. The Tuesdays that follow are not.
So! In lieu of my usual advice, I'm going to send you over to another blog today. Just be sure to come back tomorrow - I'll be discussing three publications agents and editors read - and how reading them can help you become a better writer.
BREAKING NEWS: There has been a real, live, Miss Snark sighting over at Miss Snark's First Victim. It's true! If you are not familiar with Miss Snark, head over to her blog; although she stopped blogging in 2007, her archives are a wealth of information for any writer.

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